Typically, every day life is manageable for people.  Everyone has learned basic coping skills from family and/or other surrounding influences that mold and shape the way one functions in life.  But then life throws that curve.  That unexpected situation.  That daunting unfamiliar.  Maybe it's a relational issue, a traumatic event, a parenting theme, an addiction to substances, a sudden illness or death. Maybe, it's depression or anxiety that feels like it came out of nowhere.  Now what?  What do I do?  Where do I go for answers and direction?

As a licensed clinical therapist, my job and privilege is to provide you with the expertise needed to guide and teach you not only to get through your difficult situation, but to go through it with respect, integrity and greater understanding.   I am committed to provide a welcoming environment built on mutual respect, trust and confidentiality, so that you can build your confidence back as you walk through that unexpected circumstance(s) in your life.
We know we cannot change the actual event or situation that happened, but we can change how we approach it.  My goal is to help you achieve greater insight about yourself, manage your emotions more effectively and teach you a powerful truth: that real and lasting change does not just come from behavioral change alone, it comes from the attitude of your heart within you.  Change comes from the engagement of your heart in the decision to take the next right step.  I use complementary treatment methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy, family systems, insight-oriented therapy, trauma therapy and biblical principles.  I believe in a collaborative and holistic approach in counseling with you.  My goal is to teach you the proper skills and help equip you in your circumstance so that you will be confident to move forward and not remain or feel stuck and without direction. 

You have taken the most significant first step.  Take a moment to browse my website and then feel free to call me with any questions or to make an appointment.  Thank you for visiting. 

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